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Demon Killer JBOX Pod


  • Build-in 450mAh battery.
  • Use JBox PODs, but is also compatible with JUUL PODs. (There are no POD included in this kit)
  • Size: 14mm, 42mm, 62mm.

The JBox is the vaper for the guy/girl on the road, going places where a big, full-size Mods and tank are just too cumbersome or for anyone that feels that vaping pleasure should be obtained without any hassle at all.


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  • Material: Steel.
  • Air-activated switch with no fire button.
  • Built-in 450mAh battery.
  • Charged via Micro-USB port.
  • 3 LED indicator at the side shows the battery level:
  • 3: 4.2-3.9 Volt.
  • 2: 3.8-3.6 Volt.
  • 1: 3.5-3.2 Volt, du skal finde en oplader.
  • The forth LED lights up blue, when vaping and to indicate a POD is installed correct.
  • Uses JBox PODs. (No PODs included in the kit)
  • Is compatible with JUUL PODs.
  • Built in protection.
  • Protection for vaping over 10 seconds.
  • Size: 14mm, 42mm, 62mm.

Zippo size:

Demon Killer have made this very compact mod; the name is: JBox. It is made from Steel and is a mere 14mm thick and only 62mm tall. Al most the same Size as a Zippo lighter.
It has a built in 450mAh battery, that is charged through the Micro-USB on the side of the JBox.

JBox do not have any fire button, it is air-activated so it will turn on when air goes through the POD, be aware that there are no POD included with JBox, but you can get them here.

The LED lights are placed on the side, tree of the four LED lights indicate battery life, and the last one lights blue to show a POD is installed correct, and also when vaping.

Demon Killer have designed JBox with a clever Slide n’ push design where you can hide the POD when not using the JBox.
When installing a new POD, you need to push the top a side to open, and push the round button at the side up wards, then inset the POD and the blue LED will light up. And you are now ready to vape.
Before putting the JBox away, push the side slider down and close the lid now it sealed.



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